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We make the Angel a STRONGER place by ensuring that the voice of business is heard locally and nationally through lobbying and campaigning. As the elected representative for Angel businesses we campaign on behalf of our members’ interests.

Our STRONGER priorities are:

Advocacy and support

As a not for profit organisation, elected and funded by local businesses, we are the advocate for our BID members. We have prided ourselves in supporting our members on a wide range of issues, from planning and licencing applications, to business rates and grant support appeals.

Over the next BID term we will continue to be the advocate for our businesses at the Angel on the issues that affect them. We will provide advice, guidance and strategic support on issues faced by our members, representing them at a borough, city and national level.

Transport and
planning legislation

Since 2007 our unique close working relationship with TfL has brought about a radical change to the Angel’s streetscape, making it a safer and more business-friendly environment. Our partnership has resulted in a strategic approach to improving the safety of pedestrians at the Angel. 

Over the next BID term we shall continue to lead in shaping the transport infrastructure of the Angel, being the voice of local businesses on all proposed changes. 

Campaigning and lobbying

From fighting for a reform to Business Rates to ensuring traffic proposals work for traders, we have always been at the forefront of campaigns to support the Angel’s business community. We have lobbied and made formal responses on matters that impact our BID levy payers.

Over the next BID term we will continue to be the organisation for the Angel business community, championing the causes that matter to them and providing a strategic direction for positive change in the Angel.

90% of businesses consider the advocacy and support role plays as important or very important.

Communication & Marketing

We have always been the conduit of essential information at the Angel, ensuring that our BID members are abreast of matters concerning their business operations. Our newsletters, e-communications and social posts are supported by regular face-to-face and telephone contact.

Over the next BID term we will continue to be the  source of accurate and timely information for our BID members. We will develop new channels and mechanisms, including the creation of an Angel Business Marketing Group, bringing together marketers from venues across the Angel to share knowledge, ideas and develop cross-promotional opportunities.

Community support and social responsibility

Over the last 15 years we have become a key part of the Angel community and we are proud that we have brought individuals, groups, organisations, charities and businesses together for the good of the town centre.

Over the next BID term we will continue to act as a lynchpin organisation forging links within, and across, the community to ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the Angel is recognised as an inclusive place for business.

Vote Yes in
the BID ballot to ensure these stronger initiatives are continued
and realised

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