It is now nearly five years since businesses voted overwhelmingly to continue to support the work of and maintain a Business Improvement District (BID) at the Angel.

Throughout this time we have kept our businesses at the heart of everything we do and continued to deliver on our key priorities of keeping the Angel safe, clean and welcoming.

Nobody could have anticipated what we have all experienced in the last eighteen months with the global COVID-19 pandemic and businesses have faced challenges almost beyond comprehension. Throughout this time we have stood by our members to help and guide and offer the trusted support you have hopefully become accustomed to from your team. 

Our priority was to keep things running, help businesses access all available funding at the earliest opportunity and ensure that the vast number of relevant local and national directives were relayed back to our members. We also lobbied on behalf of those that ‘fell through the gaps’ and championed the many that supported the wider community.

We continued to deliver our on-street services too. Our Business Crime Officers made daily reassurance and welfare visits, whilst our Clean Team undertook deep cleansing of pavements and street furniture. As restrictions eased, we ensured that the town centre was ready for a bright return with fresh floral planting and greening.

As we move out of the grips of the pandemic, it would be a privilege to continue our journey over the next five years and with your support make the Angel even more sustainable, brighter and greener. 

Working with TFL and other strategic partners on a range of infrastructure improvement options we will make the town centre more accessible and enjoyable for all. The Angel Area Plan includes improving the busy Pentonville/City Road junction, Angel Underground Station entrance area, Liverpool Road and Chapel Market.

We will promote the Angel more widely to visitors, celebrating its distinctive character, culture, buzzing entertainment and retail offer. We recognise that to keep the Angel at the forefront of people’s minds is increasingly important for it to thrive and flourish.

Of course, we will continue to develop our core services so valued by businesses: expanding the Business Crime Officer Team and widening the role of our Recycling Team to be official ambassadors for the Angel.

The role of has always been to help build a business community with synergy, and as we look to the future, collective working will be more important than ever. 

Despite the immense challenges over the last eighteen months, the Angel has shown great resilience and we still see new retail and hospitality venues opening, new office space being created and the regrowth of the town centre economy.

Voting to retain the BID will help ensure that the Angel recovers faster, stronger and will be good for business over the coming years.

Christine Lovett

Chief Executive,