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We make the Angel a CLEANER place by helping businesses to recycle free of charge. Adding extra sparkle to the streets. Making the air we all breath as healthy as possible. 

Our CLEANER priorities are:

Business recycling services

Starting with paper and cardboard and then expanding to include office furniture, plastics, white goods, wood and even coffee grounds, our recycling services have enabled our businesses to be more sustainable and save money. 

Over the next BID term we will build on this invaluable service by bringing businesses together to reduce their waste costs.

Additional street cleaning

It’s what you don’t see that has always mattered to us. We have invested in additional street cleaning, pavement washing, graffiti removal and on-the-spot clean-ups of dumped rubbish and spillages. 

Over the next BID term we will expand these essential services ensuring that the Angel is clean, tidy and welcoming for all.

Clean Air Projects

A cleaner Angel has never just been about what’s on the ground, it’s about the air that we breathe too. Working with our partners Islington Council’s Greenspace and Cross River Partnership we continue to make the Angel a holistically healthy place. 

Over the next BID term we will continue to work with our partners and businesses to supply fuel-free deliveries, secure cycle parking and biodiverse planting to improve air quality at the Angel.

More than half of businesses consider it very important that leads on projects to create clean air in the Angel.

Improving the environment

We have improved the streetscape of the Angel by removing redundant street clutter and cleaning and painting street signs, railings and bollards. We undertake daily audits of the whole area to identify issues and take action to get them fixed.

Over the next BID term we will be working with Islington Council and TfL to keep the roads and pavements at the Angel as safe and welcoming as they can be. The removal or rejuvenation of the dilapidated phone boxes that blight our town centre is an agreed priority.

Collective knowledge and action

We recognise the importance and power of collaboration and collective action. The newly established Angel Sustainability Forum enables businesses to learn from, and work with, each other to ensure the future of the town centre is cleaner and greener.

Over the next BID term we will continue to lead the Sustainability Forum, bringing in external experts and partners to help our businesses operate profitably and sustainably and help them meet their own environmental targets.

Vote Yes in
the BID ballot to ensure these cleaner initiatives are continued and realised

I am really happy to use the free recycling collection service. As a small business it is saving me a lot, more than what I have paid for the BID levy every year.


Sharon Kuek
Anji Orient Grocery Store