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We make the Angel a BRIGHTER place by creating a welcome environment and bringing colour and joy to the streets through our events and promotions at the Angel.

Our BRIGHTER priorities are:

Floral installations
and planting

We recognise the positive difference a splash of colour and natural beauty makes to the Angel, encouraging shoppers to dwell and enhancing the workplace for employees. We have ensured that the Angel is blooming marvellous through the installation of hundreds of floral displays and planting across the whole area.

Over the next BID term we will maintain our commitment to greening the Angel by introducing more floral railing boxes, more hanging baskets, additional trees and shrubs. We will take every opportunity to bring colour to the streets.

Seasonal lighting displays has always invested in the festive lights at the Angel. From hundreds of thousands of pea lights in trees along Islington High Street,Upper Street and Pentonville Road, to illuminations in Camden Passage, Chapel Market and White Lion Street, our displays bring brightness and joy on dark evenings.

Over the next BID term we will continue to invest in new seasonal lighting, using new technologies and trends to bring festive cheer to the Angel throughout the winter period.

Celebrating the Angel

We are the champions of the Angel, shouting loud and proud on all that’s wonderful about our town centre. We also like to celebrate the successes of our businesses, helping to amplify their activities and achievements. Each year we bring everyone together to mark the start of the Christmas trading season with our ‘Glow in the Angel’ event.

Over the next BID term we will continue to develop new events and initiatives to support business in the Angel. We will seek to undertake dedicated promotional campaigns to encourage visitors to the town centre from key target markets.

More than three quarters of businesses consider the co-ordination and delivery of Christmas lights by as very important.

Employee offers and events

In 2018 we launched our halo card providing over 2000 workers at the Angel with a range of discounts from local businesses. This gave those businesses an opportunity for further promotion. Our scheme supports employers, enhancing the offer of the area to their workers which assists
with employee retention. 

Over the next BID term we will re-launch and improve our halo scheme. We will secure exclusive local offers and develop dedicated events for Angel employees.

Placemaking and wayfinding signage 

We’ve continued to ensure that visitors to the Angel feel comfortable in exploring the area and can find where they need to go. In the last term we introduced new wayfinding and directional signage across the Angel.

Over the next BID term we will work with our partners to again update the on-street wayfinding boards to include all our new venues.

Vote Yes in
the BID ballot to ensure these brighter initiatives are continued
and realised

Thank you so much to for investing in the new Christmas lights for White Lion Street this year. Having additional lighting has really brightened up the street and helps encourage people to visit our restaurant.  


Chris Hatton
General Manager
Bill’s Islington